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Sabaean Family Night Out

100 E Street Rd, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053

Raah'ubaat Muysar. Get ready for an evening of fun! Saturday, August 21st at 3:30pm.

Please pay for your bowling session $29 (shoes included) by Wednesday, August 11th. The cost of laser tag and other games are separate and can be payed for at the venue. Laser Tag is $8.50 and a height requirement of 40inches tall. No age requirement. All other games outside of bowling are pay-as-you-come. Food and drinks are separate.

Payments will be going to Zamaltat Nafartat Amuntat (Myasia Wilson). For any questions, contact 267.593.2024 or Dentut Rayay. If paying through CashApp, for more than one person send the total amount (ex: $29 x 3 ppl). For PayPal, do separate transactions. Once all payments are in we will book our event. If there is any issue you will be notified.
*Note, price here is slightly higher than a walk-in price because this is a large party.


Pay Via $CashApp

Pay Via PayPal
(Once on page, scroll down to pay with card. No login necessary)

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