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Healing Ritual

What You need:

Cinnamon & Honey & a Blue Candle.



You put honey in your right hand & cinnamon in your left. You light a blue candle. You rub your hands together & then hold the candle with both hands & concentrate on the area of your body that needs healing for as long & as often as you feel is necessary.

Purification Ritual

Paa Tathur Ṫaqas•u

The Purification Rituals | Summer Solstice & Winter Solstice


1. Twice each year, we as Muśbať-u will purify our blood and being inside outward and outside inward. 


2. This is to be done twice a year. 


3. This will include fasting and meditational rites personally. 


4. For nine days up to the first day of summer "Summer Solstice" and nine days up to the first day of winter "Winter Solstice". June 21st summer solstice December 21st winter solstice 


5. An internal cleaning first followed by days of liquid diet only. Exception to those in need because of bad health physically. 


6. No physical activities: 

1. Sports 

2. Sex 

3. Fighting 

4. Arguing 


7. NO WINE OR ALCOHOL OF ANY KIND IS TO BE CONSUMED by those individual Muśbať-u performing this purification ritual Muśbať-u. 


8. The choice during these times to wear only: Black dress • Winter Rite White dress • Summer Rite This is not mandatory, only a matter of personal choice. Exception also for uniform of employment or enrollment, only a Black Paṫar-White Paṫar. 

9. It is to begin with a prayer of intention to perform this ritual and is to end with a prayer of intention to end the ritual . 


As normal, do the chants at the time given to us. 9-3-9. 

Here is the Aum chant to do in addition to our daily chants: 

Aum x 9, Aum Yaanuwn x 19, Aum x 1, Aum Amun x 19, Huuuuuuhiiiiiiiii x1

Prayers and Visualizations:

After all chants you will feel a powerful charge within your being and all around you. You are heightened and your lights are seen by the overseers, this is when you make direct communication to them in the form of prayers and requests.

The prayers we focus on are asking Paa Nadjaru to open the doors to Paa Nabab Yaanuwn Freedom. Also visualize this happening in your minds eyes.

During this process with your eyes close, you will begin to see lights flashing within your eyes, if you don’t, do not worry. If you are not aware; those lights and flashes are the overseers and your own Salafu (Ancestors) coming to you. This is also where your aura makes the reverse particle pulsation spin aka opening up your internal spiritual centers. It would also be wise to ask your Salaf-u to help you in whatever you want. Ask them to remove any spiritual blocks in your life and family life and clear the way for you. If you can call them by name then do so.

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